What does one do in an era of scientific enlightenment when they have invested so much, yet are later confronted with facts that challenge the very core of their belief, lifestyle and in some cases – career?

In psychology there is a term called the “Backfire Effect.” It is the study of how some react when confronted with strong arguments or even blatant facts that oppose a closely held belief. Instead of pausing to examine and reflect, some will dig their heels in even further and do or say whatever they can to defend that belief. The full extent of this tragedy is that millions are being led away from truth by those in this situation who have a public voice at the national and even international level. What has become even more apparent in the 21st century is simply this: truth matters. What one believes about reality affects how they live their life – from medical care to parenting and even important financial decisions.

Within the pages of this site it should become increasingly clear to the reader what many well known voices of Christianity have done to defend their faith, career and/or ministry. To the average person who simply does not have the time to investigate information received from what is perceived as a trusted source, it is all too easy to take such teachings and “research” as honest, reliable and an endorsement of one’s belief system.